Feel Sexy with Bikinis Sets by Microkitten

Show off your beach bod this summer! Microkitten has an impressive array of styles and colors that will turn heads and get you noticed. You can minimize tan lines and create a daring look in the sun with swimwear by Microkitten. 

Our swimsuits are perfect for getting attention on the sandy beaches of Rio de Janiero, South Beach or Waikiki. 

Not only do we offer sexy bikini sets and revealing one pieces, but you can mix and match with a variety of racy options for bikini tops and bikini bottoms ;) Check us out at http://www.microkitten.com and find the bikini and beach accessories that you've needed. 

P.O. Box 380881
Miami, Florida 33238-0881
tel: 786-228-9404  

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